Some emails are just characters and codes

Some emails come through to my inbox as large volumes of text/codes, there is no pattern to where they have been sent from, and in some cases the same sender has send 2 different emails within a few minutes and one displays badly and the other is OK.

When I open on my phone device it’s fine, and when I forward from my phone it comes through to eM Client OK so it’s like it’s not decoding it the 1st time inbound?

Example cut from the start of a mail today:

DOCTYPEHTMLPUBLIC//W3C//DTDHTML40Transitional//ENHTMLHEADtitleConfirmation/t itlemetahttpequiv3DXUACompatiblecontent3DIE3Dedge/metahttpequiv3DContentType content3Dtext/htmlcharset3Dutf8/metaname3Dviewportcontent3Dwidth3Ddevicewidt hinitialscale3D1minimumscale3D1maximumscale3D1/styletype3Dtext/css2EReadMsgB odywidth100backgroundcolorFFFFFF2EExternalClasswidth100backgroundcolorFFFFFF 2EExternalClassExternalClasspExternalClassspanExternalClassfontExternalClass tdExternalClassdivlineheight100htmlwidth100bodywebkittextsizeadjustnonemstex tsizeadjustnonemargin0padding0tableborderspacing0bordercollapsecollapsetable layoutfixedmargin0autotabletabletabletablelayoutautoimgdisplayblockimportant overflowhiddenimportanttabletdbordercollapsecollapse2Eyshortcutsaborderbotto mnoneimportantacolor38b7fftextdecorationnone2EtextbuttonacolorF9F9F9importan t2Etextlinkacolor232936important2Etablebtnminwidth102pximportant2Etablebtnla…

Hey David, looks like the html is broken.

This can happen, when an antivirus program breaks the multi-part email template, or the mail has an invalid Text/HTML-Header.

It would help, if you could post the mail-header (replace the mail-address).

thank you tbi, email header below

It is a hotel confirmation, I made a subsequent reservation with the same hotel just 10 minutes later and that came through just fine

Here you should send a ticket to the support, unless another technically savvy user sees something here.

I took a closer look and couldn’t see any cause of the error. The HTML text is probably misinterpreted by a special character or something like that.

In any case, it is good that you posted the header, this increases the chances of a solution.

Here is the link to tech support as an alternative way: