Snooze Software Bug?

Hi support,

I don’t know if this is a bug, but how do I get rid of the future heading in my all inboxes folder (see attached screenshot)

Ever since I upgraded to version 9, whenever I snooze an item it shows up again in my all inboxes under the heading Future. The reason i snooze an item is so I can get back to it later and remove it from my inbox, not to have it show up again in the inbox under a new heading.


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I would suggest to email for V9 Beta questions or feedback.

thanks @cyberzork

I sent them an email

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I have since tested the Snooze and found that is by design and not a bug (if you choose) “Pick Date and Time” and choose “A Future Date” eg: Tomorrow or Next day after that etc as per my same screenshot below where i choose to snooze the email till Sunday the 30th Jan at 6.00PM.

Howeer if you choose a time “in the same day” then eM Client will show Snooze as “Today” heading (Instead of Future) for whatever time you choose.

So you can still use the “Pick Date and Time” if you want and email to be snoozed to a specific time later in the “Same Day” other than the default top option for me eg: “(Later today Sat 6.00 PM)”.

Hope that makes sense. If you want to change the snooze future date or any snoozed date, “Right click” on the email under snooze and click “Snooze / Unsnooze” on the dropdown menu.

(Example like yours of picking a date and time for a futue date)

(Example how to Unsnooze and emal) - Rightclick email and click “Snooze / Unsnooze”.