Snooze only works locally

I know, all the Snooze handling is only done locally.

I use both, Gmail and GSuite as well as IMAP Mailboxes.

  1. It would be great if for Googel accounts snoozing would be compatible with the Google Snooze function. I.e. that it becomes possible to use the Gmail App on mobile and see the snoozed messages. and also see the snoozed messages created with the Gmail app in EM Client.

  2. Because the snoozing is locally, for IMAPS accounts you see the snoozed messages in the inbox. Would it not be better, to move the snoozed messages to a IMAP folder? Then the inbox on the mobile device stays empty.
    And maybe store something on Google drive or Dropbox etc for syncing the snoozed messages at least with another EM Client on an other PC? For instance, I use EM client on my desktop and laptop.

Manny thanks!



+1 Not sure why this hasn’t been fixed yet. I say fixed because almost everybody uses email on multiple devices these days. Nothing worse then having to deal with a bunch of snoozed messages in my inbox on my phone. Anything being done about this eM Client??

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