Snooze duration for individual reminders

How do you select the snooze duration for individual reminders when the reminders window shows more than one? For example, I want to snooze the first reminder in the reminders popup for 1 day and I want to snooze the second reminder for 1 hour. Each individual reminder should also default to its previous snooze duration; is this possible?

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Yes its annoying that when reminders appear, you can only snooze (them all) for a set duration and not individual times as well.

I would suggest when the reminder popup window appears to have (at the end of each reminder) a “Duration Snooze Time” dropdown box like currently at the bottom of the reminder popup window.
So when the user selects the individual snooze time, they then press the snooze icon which then disappears from the popup snooze window and re-appears again at the set snooze duration time.

So still have the Snooze all option at the bottom as sometimes you do want to snooze all of the reminders for the same set duration, but also have individual snooze duration times as well.