I am unable to send a Snip using eM Client.  I quickly found a recommendation with link to install version3.5.  The link directs to Microsoft and they say that 3.5 is no longer available.  Can ver 4 be used instead?

Yes, you can use any version up to the current 4.7.1.

I’m using Windows 10.  According to Microsoft the latest version of is part of Windows 10

In this case it will refuse to install the components.  Any other thoughts on making emClient called from other apps?

It may have to do with your default application settings. See this thread to correct that

I don’t usually use the Snipping Tool, but gave it a go. When I click on Send Snip, I get a new eM Client email window, but the snip is broken. :frowning:

I am thinking this is a Windows issue though, because I get the same thing with Thunderbird.