stopped working with eM Client

2 days ago my eM Client has stopped sending my e-mails after 6 months . It receives  mail fine on the pop.3 settings.

My smtp settings are :   with port 587. (outgoing)

My pop3 settings are :   with port 110. (incoming)

I can send e mails ok with another e mail program, but this requires me to use an smtp setting of :  with  port 25. Unfortunately eM Client will not and would never work with these last settings.

My version of eM Client is : 6.0.23181.0  .

I would like to continue using eM Client, but currently I cannot send e-mails with this program.

Hello Helen,
why do you believe the setting wont work? Have you tried changing the server URL to this address and then trying the different server security options?



I have tried with every combination of security settings that is available, and every combination of authentication settings available. I have also done this for

I have also run the diagnostic check and FIX for both and

It seems it cannot be fixed in that eM Client will not now connect to my e-mail send server.

I have also, before doing all this above, installed the latest update for eM Client.

Is it significant that the last day when I could connect to was 29 February (leap year day ) !



I have up dated my eMclien free account to a Pro account and still yet, i can not receive my emails.