SMTP tab not available.

I have activated my account and I am able to receive messages, but unable to send them. The SMTP tab is not available.


can you try re-add that account? This looks like that your email account provider’s did not sent smtp authentication when you have add your account for the first time.


EDIT: you can use manual account setup to be sure also, Tools - Accounts - New Account - Mail - Other.

can I re-add the account without losing all the email that has come in?

you will loose all unsynchronized/un exported data. If you have all emails/events/contacts on server then you have nothing to fear. But to be sure use File - Export… and export all you need (except settings - it would make your issue come again).


Thank you for the assistance. I exported my mail for safety. Adding the new account manually did add the SMTP tab and I am now able to send/receive email correctly.

Thank you for updated information about your issue…