SMTP server settings problem

I have problems installing my outgoing SMTP server for my email-account. I give the exact same data as in “Thunderbird” . There it works, but eM client gives “failed” when testing the settings in the last step for installing the email account

who is your mail provider?

I am in the Netherlands, mail-provider is KPN who absorbed my old provider, Planet. (my email address is still

For KPN the smtp server is , for planet it is . The last one I use for Thunderbird, and it works fine.

Then try to configure the account manually (try both smtp servers). Go to Tools - Accounts - New account - Mail - Other and let me know if it helps.

I did install the mail-account manually. First when I did it “automatically” it installed, but only the pop-part. Manually the smtp-part failed, but at least I do have the smtp tab in the account-window, so I can make all possible variations in settings. I tried both and, both failed. As said, works fine in Thunderbird. (and on my phone as well)

solved, in a strange way. I thought I needed to give authentication for sending (password etc), but when this is switched off it works. Would this mean “anyone” can send mails in my name?

No, it just means that “anyone” can send emails through their SMTP server.

I have problems with my smtp server. It ́s an account registered on with my own domain
This appears recently. thanks for help.

If you have not changed any settings in eM Client recently I would suspect your mail service provider and check the server first. Anyway, you can send us your SMTP logs so we can analyze them and let you know what causes the issue.

I had eM client working fine, and then on 1-1-14 at about 9 AM, I opened the email and it said there was an update to eM client 6. I said OK to the update and now the POP3 and SMTP server connections do not work. I have checked all the settings, which were working fine before the update and even tried some different port settings that I found with google: 110, 995, 993 for POP3, 587, 465, 25 for SMTP but nothing works. The email account is working fine, I can get to it on the internet, so the only part not working is the eM client program

Hi, which email service provider do you use? Also have you tried altering security policy settings?


Yes I have tried every setting I could think of. If you have any suggestions please send them to me. It is clear that something in the update to emclient 6 is not working for me. Is it possible for me to revert to emclient 5?

Hi, here is downgradeable 5th version…


It seems that this SMTP problem is endemic. i too have a similar issue. i recently changed providers and my POP works fine but not so SMTP. I have a log file. where do i upload it?
thx, john

Hi John, what exactly are you having issues with? Can you make a screenshot of any kind of error you might be seeing? What version of eM Client are you using?
What mail service are you using?

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SMTP problems 2.0.  EM Client v 6.0.205222.0  on Win 8.1 Godaddy acct. and Diagnostics doesn’t fix it.   You fixed it about a month ago and everything was working well - until it wasn’t.  Started not sending emails about 2 weeks ago, but it was sporadic.  Now it doesn’t send at all.  Have you all changed something internal to cause problems?  Attached is a screen shot of the setup.

Hi Peggy, no we did not change anything internal to cause problems, that’s exactly the opposite of what we would be likely to do.
GoDaddy accounts are problematic, if you haven’t changed any settings and the account suddenly stopped sending, please try to contact the GoDaddy support in order to resolve the issue…

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OK, so I called Godaddy and they had me reset my SMTP options to the following.  Life is good again.  Thanks Paul.

I couldn’t get mine to work no matter what i did. So i installed Thunderbird and it worked perfectly and without fuss. Why bother with this …

I used Thunderbird prior to EM Client and it got to the point where images wouldn’t display which was incredibly annoying.  Also,