SMTP plain login - Qmail

we have installed our new qmail mail server in our office, and we have a problem with the SMTP authentication.
In particular our new qmail server only support plain text SMTP authentication as we use it only locally, but we can’t login with eM Client.
The problem seems to be that the client sends SMTP auth as CRAM-MD5 but our server rejects it. Can we enable the plain text login via a particular option in eM Client?
Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem. Therefore I change to Thunderbird.

It may be an obvious step, but did you change the security policy for SMTP in eM Client to Don’t use secure connection? QMail is offering SMTP on port 25, and eM Client has 3 options for this.

Thanks for the reply,
I have already tried that option but it doesn’t work… I think that option is about the connection between the server and the client, not the SMTP authentication.
eM really have all that we need now compared to Thunderbird. TB lacks lots of useful things and Outlook is real garbage…
I think that implementing an option to let users decide which SMTP auth method is not an hard thing to do, and i will be really really grateful if the team can do it.

Yes, you are right OlMars. I know in Thunderbird there are two options for security settings; connection security and authentication method. You want to be able to change the second one in eM Client, which can’t be done.

In my opinion, plain text is a bad idea. Is it not possible to install CRAM-MD5 on QMail?

Well, as far as I know it can be installed but I don’t actually know how to do it… Our QMail server was installed by a technician so we don’t know how to change settings and parameters in it.
Plain text is of course a bad idea but our client are connecting only on LAN, so I don’t see lots of problem with it.

You run a ages old qmail smtp server whih relies on programming patching and unix/linux pro skills to maintain and only “your expert” can change such trivial stuff as connection settings? Use Mercury Mail or hMailServer for local testing on Windows or Exim4/Postfix as MTA Linux/Unix.

:slight_smile: I run hMailServer in a test environment, and it is actually quite good. Not that complicated to configure, even with the advanced functions.

I’ve tried either Postfix on a backup server and hMail as a temporary solution when our old scalix server crashed.
I know qmail is not the best MTA, but our installation is paired with spamassassin which does a really great job.
However we are going off-topic and i think the great team behind eM can effortlessy give users the option to choose which auth method to use. :slight_smile:

eM Client first sends a request to the server which Authentication methods are supported and then chooses the more secure one.
It seems your Qmail server reports that CRAM-MD5 authentication can be used, so eM Client does so.
Since the CRAM-MD5 method is actually not implemented on your server, it rejects the encrypted password.

The only solution, in this case, is having your admin add the CRAM-MD5 authentication OR remove it from the list of supported authentication methods from the server response.


Not off-topic at all. A solution lies with fixing or changing your mail server.