SMTP connection problems to Kerio 7.2.4

I cannot connect to Kerio Connect 7.2.4, the Kerio Connect 7.2.4 logs show that an SMTP connection failed, and eM Client keeps asking for my username and password…

Before I forget, I use eM Client 3.5.11809.0

Other than the connection problems, the product looks VERY promissing (when connecting to Gmail).
If I can succesfully connect to Kerio and work with the calendar without problems, I will definitly get a license.

Mind post a screenshot of the SMTP setting? It looks like it not very easy to use Kerio as SMTP server:…

Not quite a screenshot, but here goes:

Kerio Connect has (amongst others) the following services started:

  • Secure IMAP listening on port 993
  • Secure SMTP listening on port 465

These services are not tweaked so that thay would perform different then standard in any way.

In eM Client:

Added mail via my own configuration (Automatic setup would fail):

  • In tab General:
    User information > My name and e-mail
    Authentication > username / password
    Include when sending / receiving e-mail and enabled are ticked

  • In tab SMTP:
    host: the DNS name of my mailserver
    Port: 465 (this was set when i picked the Security Policy option but is correct):
    Security Policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
    Use identity credentials ticked (although i tried forcing the credentials)
    Enable service ticked

  • IMAP:
    host: the DNS name of my mailserver
    Port: 993 (this was set when i picked the Security Policy option but is correct):
    Security Policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)
    Use identity credentials ticked (although i tried forcing the credentials)
    Automatically detect special folder names ticked
    Enable service ticked

When trying to connect to Kerio, the “Put in your credentials” box keeps popping up, and in the Kerio log I keep seeing authentication errors scrolling by.

eM Client works great with Gmail and another IMAP / SMTP server.

My Kerio server works great with all kinds of other clients (Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Postbox, etc.) too, so it seems an incompatibility between Kerio and eM Client.

Please look into this, I said it before and i will say it again: If this is fixed and the upcoming week shows that calendar handling is working as it should (e.g. not like Mozilla Lightning that keeps showing errors), I will definitly buy a eM Client license!

The Kerio server sometimes reports that NTLM authentication is supported even though the NTLM authentication is supported only for certain users on the server. The problem is that the server doesn’t actually tell the client why the authentication failed and it’s not apparent in the server logs either. Try disabling the NTLM authentication on the server and see if it helps.

NTLM is already disabled:

Kerio mail server administration gui > tab “Advanced options”:

Use security options
(ticked) CRAM-MD5
(ticked) PLAIN
(ticked) LOGIN
(ticked) DIGEST-MD5

(unticked) Allow NTLM authentication for users with Kerberos authentication (for Active Directory users)

Can’t you guys make eM Client behave like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Postbox when it comes to authentication? Even if the mail server sends bogus or incomplete information and technically this should be fixed by Kerio, this renders eM Client unusable at this point, and adding code to communicate with a a mailserver that has issues should solve this (even more so since the main page exclamates total and smooth working with Kerio Connect)

* poke *

Is anyone going to look into this?

Is your password stored in an encrypted format in Kerio? I had to disable this because eM was trying to use CRAM-MD5 but that does not work with encrypted passwords. Disable encryption in Kerio, then re-enter your user’s pw in Kerio and eM should start working great.

The otgher option is to store the PW in encrypted format but turn off CRAM-MD5 and DIGEST-MD5 authentication. Both should work for you.

Great, I will look into this.

This is however still a bug in eM Client, because every other client simply works with these settings in Kerio…

It is kind of ironic that eM Client is the only client that talks about their great compatibility with Kerio on their website…

I have just downloaded eM Client and imported my Microsoft Outlook. I am not able to email out and I am very illiterate when it comes to the techy thing. I really need some help to fix this problem. I am recieving emails with no problesm it seems.
Please help!!

Consider me a disappointed eM trialist too. All other clients allow us to specify the password format. Only eM Client makes assumptions in this regard, and this prevents us Kerio server users from using eM. Kerio being as popular as they are, this is a great shame. My specific issue:…

eM Client fails to deal with high security passwort setting In Kerio Connect. To fix it log into Kerio Connect Admin:

  1. Kerio Connect > Accounts > Users > (Select user) > Edit > Common > DISABLE last option „Store password in high secure SHA format (recommended)“

  2. Re-enter the users password and confirm password! (means: in Kerio Admin, not in eM Client! Note: You have to reenter the password, otherwise the password will not be re-encrypted and will keep the SHA format.)

  3. Save the user accont

After this the connection (if properly settup in eM Client) work in eM Client again.

Citation taken from Kerio Connect Online Help:
Store password in high secure SHA format (recommended)
This option allows use of secure asymmetric encryption algorithm (SHA). This option has one disadvantage — some methods of Kerio Connect access authentication (APOP, CRAM-MD5 and Digest-MD5) cannot be applied. If this option is enabled, it is necessary to change the user password. This can be done either by administrator or the user (e.g. by Kerio WebMail).