SMTP connection failed and wanted to send logs

I just purchased a new computer 64-bit and my old email program doesn’t work. After trying several others, this one seems to have all the features I need.

After reading about the other SMTP problems, I was going to send logs as suggested by an employee. When I went to send, I got a message: Logging directory doesn’t exist, thus no log files can be sent.

Some of the messages have been sent, but some are still in the outbox.

I would love to be able to use this email client and be able to recommend it to others.

Any suggestions?


Hi, you need to enable logging first before send. Please look in eM’s menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Logging. Enable anything that says ‘SMTP’. After doing that, use program as normal. As soon as you encounter another error, go back to the same logging setting screen and click on send.

Thanks. I didn’t realize I needed to turn them on.