smt on imap not woking on version 7.1 for btinternet

new version 7.1.30719.0 may cure POP3 but IMAP SMT not now working

Have solved the problem using some witchcraft and other guile.

Better to explain the environment setup before I describe the solution.

There is one computer running Windows 10. There are two users, me H and my wife W. They have separate logins and desktops and eM Client installed on each desktop.

I installed version 7.1.30719.0 after the BT POP3 debacle and on my installation everything was fine. However W’s installation did not work for SMTP either on POP3 or IMAP. I reinstalled everything after making appropriate backups to no avail. H’s was working fine W’s was not. It kept saying that the certificate didn’t match and that I might be attempting to connect to a server that was pretending to be BT. I have to add that I meddled with port numbers and authentication on the journey of discovery, The Diagnose feature did not cure the problem when hitting the fix button on either IMAP or SMTP

The solution was to install W’s IMAP on H’s desktop. Everything worked fine. Tried it then on W’s desktop, and again everything worked fine. Uninstalled IMAP for W on H’s desktop and everything is still working on W’s desktop. I must have reset a secret flag somewhere.

It would be good if eM Client would get back to ratify my solution, or perhaps give a more direct method

Andrew Nurse