Smart folders unread messages - jump to correct folder/account


the smart folders do show a folder “unread” which shows all unread messages, of course. That’s a cool feature, however, I wonder how I can find out where those listed messages are actually stored.

First I thought I add a new column “Account” and I will get the absolute location, but this wasn’t true, see attached image for better explanation.

This added column just shows “Default” and not the actual account that received the message. The messages shown in the screenshot below are moved to a local folder not to an account’s folder, btw.

Next , maybe a feature request: I would like to have a new context menu item that allows me to jump to the current message at the correct location which means that the account folder tree on the left side should receive focus to the message.


Hi Mike, how many accounts are you using in eM Client? You should be able to add a column “Folder” which shows the exact folder your email is located in, Local folders are currently called “Default” in the account columns, so it seems like everything is working as intended.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul!

currently I’ve set up 10 IMAP accounts with subfolders and about 50 folders in Local Folders. The messages are moved using rules or by manual action.

No doubt that everything works as intended, however, the question is, can this behaviour or the label be changed? I mean, the messages that are moved to the local folders have been received by any of my 10 accounts. That means emClient should have had the account information prior to moving them to different folders.

Maybe not an urgent request, but perhaps this may help others including me to better understand, because I don’t have a Default account but Local Folders instead.

Anyway - I’ve added the Folder column and of course I can see where the message actually is stored.

Perfect would be if we could get an enhancement to the context menu, to right click a message and use a menu item like “Jump to message”. That should focus on the message inside the folder.
This is only necessary for smart folders and maybe for search folders, too, where many messages from different folders are collected.


If you’re moving the messages using rules into local folders, the original account to which the message was received can not be displayed as the message is not located on this account.
Folder column should help you to find the message as the folder name will always be displayed, or you can use both.

Thank you for understanding,

Paul, you know simply showing this kind of information is not always best when it comes to usability :wink:

Not completely sure what you’re referring to, I’ve reported this to the developers and we’ll consider improving this for future releases.