Smart folders like apple mail with OR criteria

Hi guys, I just downloaded eM client. I did the switch to PC a few days ago and what I’m missing most is apple mail.
Tried outlook, thunderbird and now eM. I’m very happy with eM so far I’m pretty sure I’ll buy it.

I have a question about smart folders/search folders

I used to have a very organize system on my apple mail where I have folders for every client and with received and sent emails.

Criteria was or
so that way any email from that company that I received or sent was on the same folder

I couldn’t find a way to add OR as rule with eM.
What I did was in search Query I added manually this: from,to and then a box appeared below with “From OR to” which was great.,
but it is not working perfect, on some folders is missing my sent emails

is there any other way to do it?


Folder can be set to All Folders which includes your Sent folder.


Hi Gary,
yes that’s exactly how I have it. but for some reason some emails just doesn’t appear. I guess something was lost between Mac to outlook then thunderbird and now eM.
but I’m happy anyways. is working much better than the other options.

also it is searching on all accounts and one of them is a
but as I said I’m good with the results so far


Maybe find one of the messages that has not been included in the search folder, but should have, and check the message header. (Right-click next to the to/from addresses in the message preview and choose View mail header) Is it possible you sent it from a different domain than you have in the search argument?

I’ll check that later. I’m pretty sure is a weird issue between softwares and platforms, for example lots of my sent emails from @me are not even there in the sent folder in the account mailbox and some other sent mails shows blank address on From, so I guess the search problem is not a search problem is more like a missing items in all this Mac/PC outlook/apple mail/thunderbird/eM mess.