Smart folders empty

I’m frequently finding that everything under the smart folders section is gone even when the arrow is showing it is open and the only way to get them back is to switch to another section such as the calendar then back to mail to get the all inboxes etc to display again. This happened to the previous version of the program as well. Is anyone else finding this?

I also had problems importing all my thunderbird accounts into emclient. It brought in 6 of the 7 fine but the last one which was from a different provider just wouldnt appear. I ended up having to add the account manually. Very odd. 

There is a similar problem with Search Folders. If you create a new category, on clicking save, the divider between Smart Folders and Email folders is moved up hiding all the Search Folders. There is a scroll bar immediately to the right, but it is not really visible especially in the Modern Theme or any using the slim scroll bar. You then have to manually drag the invisible divider down to display everything again.