smart folders double and triple posting

The unread and flagged folders are double and triple posing. Which is to say that if i had no unread or flagged mail then marked a piece of mail in the in box as flagged and later moved that mail to another folder say leads…then the flagged smart folder shows two flagged mails one in the all mail one in leads…when they are one and the same…the same is true with the smart unread folder. And if i click on All Mail folder, there are then sometimes 3 accounts in unread and flagged of the same e mail. I have two accounts both gmail imap accounts.


I deleted and added my email accounts again and managed to work my way around the problem…however, i will NEVER be able to click on the folders titled…ALL MAIL, IMPORTANT, or STARRED without getting many duplicated…as i would like to use these folders it would be great if someone could help me through the problem of the double counting. Thanks!

Hi, can you tell me what email provider do you use? Anyway we know about this issue and we are able to replicate it so I hope that developers will find solution fast.



Hi, we are currently working on this situation, but this one will take some time before it will be solved.


Looks like they never bothered to fix this issue. I was about to order the pro licence to manage all of my gmail accounts but this is a deal breaker for me. I need to flag/star so many emails during the day that I can’t afford for them to show up tripled in the “flagged” smart folder. Defeats the whole purpose of this folder if it can’t be organized correctly.

Why haven’t you guys bothered to fix this. The last post was 10 months ago?


same problem here

+1 please solve this problem too, with Gmail account!

Wow. You really can’t solve this problem? After two years?

+1, with gmail account any flagged items in my inbox show up three times in “Flagged”

so has this resolved or still in limbo?

this problem is with how gmail sends its IMAP information, treating the special folders as labels and adding numerous labels to one email - when eM Client tries to parse them to the folder structure, it creates a copy to put the mail in all of the special categories. To work around this, you can go to the Settings > Labels and choose to not send some of the special System labels through IMAP. This problem is usually caused by the All mail, Starred and Important labels.
There won’t be a need for this fix in the upcoming version 7 as we changed most of it’s core features.


When the version 7 will be available as have the same problem, it is very annoying and as dupicity is in hundreds of emails i really deciding to delete whole eM client as it doesnt help with work, it prevent it.

Nice just found out your client deleted all emails in my gmail account… bye bye. Your client is really useless and do not want to spent another minute or second to deal with it.