Smart Folder Inboxes and Google All Mail Labels

I would like to see in the Smart Folder for All Inboxes only the inbox folders from the different Google Mail accounts I have in eM Client. Instead, I see the All Mail folders from those accounts, which is a little annoying, because I manage many emails by moving them to folders, but they will keep showing in the Smart Folder after I move them, because what I am seeing is the All Mail folders.
Is there a way I can change this? I don’t remember having this issue in the previous version, has something changed in this regard in version 7?

I had the same issue and this is what I did to make it close to version 6.
First Version 7 needs the all mail folder to allow conversation mode  so they did change that but I do not like that.

1  move cursor to smart folders  right click find “Display” and uncheck the smart folders to hide.
     I only show outbound my preference
2  Go to each of your Email account folders (cursor over acct name)   right click  look for “Show/Hide Folders”   option right click move cursor over folder you want to hide (cursor over the word “show” pops up options)  I hide my all mail folder on each account.
     you are looking for the “Show/Hide Folder”  NOT  the single word  “hide”  .  Cursor MUST be over Acct Name   not a folder under it  else you get the wrong menu
3  Finally stop conversations
             select disable conversations

Limitation  when you do a search for a particular email (in all folders) and it finds it it will not show the folder name that one is used to in version 6  it will show   “all Mail”  I have not found a way around this.

Hope this helps

Thanks!  I tried your approach and it indeed makes it closer to version 6, but you lose the advantage of having one single folder that consolidates all you inboxes. So, it is something like what you are doing or else get used to seeing All Mail almost everywhere, which continues to annoy me.

I also find the same limitation you mention on a search, hope they can find a way around this.

Try this  Go to smart Folders   Right click  select Display      All InBoxes   and any other items wanted     On the display of the data  Place cursor on heading line then   right click then  select   Column  Configuration     add Account to the display    now smart folders show you inbox send trash for all accounts if you have many and the headings shows you which account