Smart Folder for emails from contacts

Could someone tell me how to make a smart folder for all emails from my contacts list (so I can see important emails at a glance in the smart folders section)? Have tried to set it up, but can’t see how to add the group ‘all contacts’?


  1. Right click Search Folders → New Search Folder…
  2. Name it (whatever you like)
  3. Select from as criteria (1)
  4. Click (2)
    Snag_5dcc35 and select all your contacts (checkbox in the title line) in Select Contact
  5. Press ok (Select Contact)
  6. Press ok (Create Search Folder)

This aggreates all your contacts in a folder logically – you will still find them in you regular in box.

Thanks, perfect. That didn’t work at first as my contacts list was too long. Have reduced it and now it works. Would be nice it was a standard smart folder!


… but “optionally”. In this case I would support this wish!