Slower Sync with MS Exchange

I’m using eM Client to access my work email (Office 365 commercial account) from home. I have also used it in the past for my personal account (Microsoft Exchange Online).

I have used Outlook for years, and continue to use it at work and for other various accounts.

One thing I have noticed is that eM Client seems to update much slower for server-side changes. Outlook updates as short as almost instantaneous, and up to 30 or 45 seconds after the change.

Does eM Client only update via polling? It seems that is the case, where Outlook seems to get push updates from the servers.

I don’t want to hammer the server(s) by cranking down the polling interval too far, but I’m trying to understand the difference.

eM Client syncs with the Exchange Inbox in 1 minute intervals. That is a restriction from the server.

I will do some testing when I get time, but I have to say that, in my experience, it appears to ONLY sync (poll the server) at the interval set in the general settings. Is that setting supposed to apply to exchage / Office 365 accounts as well? Your response seemed to indicate that MS accounts sync at 1 minute intervals regardless as part of the EWS protocol.

This morning I read some emails and deleted others from my phone. My office laptop running Outlook reflected this within a minute. Several minutes later I checked my home machine running eM Client and it still showed the unread and deleted emails. Hitting refresh brought it into sync as expected.

For now I am going to set the eM Client refresh interval to 1 minute.

The Inbox syncs at 1 minute intervals.

All other folders, calendar and contacts sync on the schedule you set in Menu > Settings > General. If you set it too low, either the server (like with Gmail) will just ignore you, or you could end up in a continuous sync loop as all your accounts, calendars and contacts try to do that every minute.

Yes MS Exchange Inbox using version 9.2.x with my & accts do sync within a minute for me if i delete or receive mail on any other devices as @Gary advised.