Slow to pick up from Gmail

It’s taking an age to get eM Client to pick up mail from Gmail. A simple text mail can take as long as 30 seconds to download. This happened two days ago but yesterday things were back to normal - and today it’s happening again.

I assume it could be a problem at Gmail’s end, but it would be good to know. Many thanks.

same issue with Yahoo

eM client seems to have lots of issues lately in downloading emails. timeouts, reconnection to server failing, etc.

eM client only downloads email headers so it doesn’t generate too much online traffic. This should be a problem only with emails you haven’t previously read otherwise it would be a different issue.

You can make eM client download the whole emails and by that make the loading of emails faster by checking “download messages for offline use” in Tools > Accounts > Select your account > IMAP.

Hopefully everything else is running ok, if not let us know.


OK thanks. I’ve done that and will see if it makes a difference.