Slow to load incoming emails

Just recently my incoming emails started to take 15 minutes to download!!

Any one know why?



There can be many reasons emails can be slow to load all of a sudden.

First do a reboot “if you haven’t already” incase it’s just something going on in the OS.

If rebooting makes no difference, then check your internet speed to makes sure it hasn’t slowed down. is a good site to check speed.

If your internet connection speed is ok, then could be your mailbox on the server end currently has a problem and causing the slow mail loading. So check with your mail server tech support just incase they have any issues.

If your mailbox at the server end is ok, then might be problems with internet connections “along the way to your mailbox” that is then causing your mail to load slowly. If it is, those things usually resolve themselves within a few days.

So if it’s been a few days though and still slow loading emails, then other things that can cause mail to read slow is eg: Antivirus programs scanning incoming mail, or sometimes VPNs, or Firewalls / Security programs.

So if you have any optional programs like that installed “other than what comes with your OS”, try completely disabling those to test to see if any of those are causing the email to load slow.