Slow to load emails, it take above 6 minutes to load an email

Hi all, it always take longer time for me to load any emails in inbox. Kindly refer the screenshot for the error. Do let me know what you need so i can provide more info for troubleshooting.

Machine: Windows 10 Home Edition
EMClient version:  7.2.36908.0

Please see eM Client’s official announcement

Thanks! But i have read those posts, it seems that the slow loading issue is not caused by this Google oath error. So what could be the reason for slow loading then? Every time when i click on an old email, it will take more than 6 minutes to load. Especially for those bulk emails (email conversations more than 10)

Well, the errors you posted are for the current API issue with Goggle. Maybe you gave the wrong screenshots, or do you have others?

Your best option though, as a Pro License user, may be to open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They will be able to assist further.

Thanks bro, i don’t have other screenshot as i tried to relate this slow loading issue with the error screenshot initially. I’m still using free Emclient and will switch to Pro plan if i find the free version is satisfactory…

Unfortunate you are evaluating a product this is currently having a major issue with Google. ;-(