Slow switching between emails and general usage

So I am still on the hunt for a decent, reliable and stable/supported email client after 10 years of trying anything that arrives on the market and am finally considering making a final switch to emClient (for about the 3rd time now).

Overall, I like the client, and really want to make the switch permanent but there are some drawbacks:-

Here is my environment:-

Operating System: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
emClient Version: 7.1.30508.0 (latest build at the time of posting)
Protocol: IMAP
Provider: Gmail / Google Apps
ISP: TalkTalk Business (avg. down speed of approx 18Mb)

|I know there are many other questions in the forum relating to these but they either do not have a solution or the ones suggested, I have already tried.

  1. Switching between emails in a folder is slow taking up to 5 seconds each time. Until the email is fully switched, you are unable to use any actions on like ‘Delete’.

  2. The length of time it takes for new email to arrive in the inbox does not seem to coincide with the time set for synchronisation. I’ll get no emails arrive for like an hour and then all of a sudden, 50 will arrive all at once.

This is what I have tried so far:-

Tools > Settings > General > Synchronisation

  • Checked ‘Synchronise items at startup’.

  • Checked ‘Synchronise items every 1 minutes’.
    Tools > Accounts > IMAP > Offline

  • Checked ‘Download messages for offline use’.

  • Checked ‘Include attachments and images’.
    These problems are making it frustratingly difficult to work with email quickly and efficiently and is just simply not usable in a business environment.

If this can be improved/rectified, then we’ll be happy to purchase the software but as it is, it is simply a deal breaker because although they come with their own flaws also, alternatives (Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Mailbird) on exactly the same machine/environment just work much faster.

Any advice/help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

24 hours on and no response which is disappointing with seemingly countless other users having similar problems with what appears to be the latest update, all also, with no official response or acknowledgment of the problem. Reached out on Twitter and have to say, if this isn’t really addressed as a matter of urgency very soon, I for one will be continuing my hunt for a reliable / usable email client as it just takes too long to work with emClient as it is.

And also, I notice every time I reboot the PC, when I start emClient back up next, it does a database check and the ‘Checking for corrupted database’ takes longer than an hour before the program will launch. Ridiculous. Sorry emClient, game over. Back to Opera Mail I go.

You can kill that DB check process with no ill effects. I’ve actually found it can break my eMC v6.xxxx by creating a subprocess preventing eMC from opening next time I try to run it. Yeah, it’s a pain and letting it run, for me anyway, has never found a problem in the DB. Never took more than 10min but I only have 2-3000 emails.

What triggers that DB check is if eMC is offed in an irregular manner like a power failure or PC shutdown or restart while it’s running.

Good to know, thanks. Not uncommon to reboot your PC without manually exiting every application first and even this triggers a rather inconvenient database check on next startup.

A significant time has now passed and via this forum and Twitter, the support from eM Client staff has been abysmal. I won’t be recommending anyone to use this email client software.

It’s not difficult to acknowledge a problem, or even a user experience but to just turn a blind eye completely and continue to charge for the software is just horrendous customer support.

Wonder how many potential customers they are losing out on as a result!

Sadly, I concur. I think the product has gained more wide spread usage than they can  handle and are overwhelmed. In my early years I actually had someone on the phone (American English too), who walked me thru setup. Was very impressive at that time.

I’m having grief with v6 and very slow at opening email once header displayed. So, I use Yahoo webmail, but still need my calendar on eMC. Very awkward jumping back and forth. Still working kinks out of syncing Yahoo calendar with iCloud/iPhone.

Well I have wrote a bad review of the software here. I try to refrain from writing bad reviews unless customer support aren’t even prepared to listen to their customers. Unfortunately, sometimes giving a piece of software a bad reputation online is the only way you get the attention of the staff so I would urge every other unhappy user of eMClient to also write a bad review online until someone starts listening and supporting.

Note: I am more than happy to remove my bad review in the event that I become satisfied with the customer support.