Slow start

Very slow initiating of the mail programme.  Once open the programme works fine  However the initial opening of the programme in windows 10 is often extremely slow.  Worst has been 4 minutes   Is there a fix for this or do I need to change something in settings

Mine was ok until about a month ago. Now it takes a couple of minutes to load


We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’d ask you for some more details regarding the start:
How long does it currently take? Does it run on Windows startup? How big is your database (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client)? How many accounts do you have set up? Does the program do database check on the start? Did it crash the last time it was closed? What other applications are running? Do you get any errors/messages? Is the database on an HDD or a SSD? What is the CPU and memory usage in task manager (accessible through Ctrl+Alt+Del) when you’re staring the program?

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I use EM client on a few machines and have seen it run on many more. We can talk about hardware and configuration but the bottom line is that it is a great product with one inconvenience that prevents me from recommending it to more people. Startup is slow regardless of the hardware. Even if you put up a starting banner, that would be an improvement. I will click on the icon and not be sure what is is doing. Once it is running it is the best product I have seen. Just fix the start up. 

Could be hardware. It opens for me in approx 3 seconds. Could be because it is auto-loading at start-up? This will really slow it down.

autoload at staruo, is that a config item?

I also have a slow start up or not at all. Goes into synchronizing and stalls. I do CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up Task Manager, stop the process, then restart, EM Client (32) goes thru checking and then starts fine, Windows 10.  2 accounts,  all .dat files under 200 k, no other running programs. Minor inconvenience or nuisance.

menu/tools/settings/general check “run on windows startup”

jay I thought you meant auto load start up at start of EM.thanks for the clarity, I do not auto start with windows and do not require too

HI Pat, I apologize for the confusion.  I will say, that going to an SSD made a pretty big difference in boot up time for eM Client, so it is obviously a pretty disk intensive program (makes sense considering database).  I also note that not many laptop manufacturers that use mechanical drives are using 7200 rpm and use instead 5400 rpm drives,  This just exacerbates the issue. 

no worries, I have tried it on all configurations and currently on a SSD machine. when you click the start icon for EM it should at least throw up a loading banner similar to how outlook works. EM is obviously performing startup tasks. Outlook dosnt start quick either but at least you know its starting

does anyone from EM read these threads, feels like its a waste of time :frowning:

My mouse Pointer flickers ,then takes about 5 or 6 seconds for EM to open,mail comes in really fast,maybe one or two seconds for sometimes 20 to 30 email,I use to use Incredimail,EM is much faster.  Regards Joe

is there a enhancement to have EM to put up a banner while its starting. I am sure the product doesn’t expect an I7 or I5. I can only recommend the product if it fixes that issue. that’s why I asked if EM reads these posts. 

Mine is terrible; slowest mail app I’ve ever used.  V7.0 has made me go back to using Google mail.
Shame as previous versions were great and nothing has changed on my laptop.

Mine, for the last year has opened in less than 3 seconds. Now, it takes 3 minutes. No exaggeration.

Things like this don’t normally change for no reason.  You don’t by any chance, have a Microsoft email account (hotmail.  If yes, is it set up as Exchange or IMAP?

Happy with eM as a substitute for Live Mail. I agree it is annoyingly slow at starting, with no indication that anything is happening. But also it doesn’t download the body of the individual email till you click on it for the first time. That delay is even more irritating. Live Mail had everything there very quickly.

For me the autoload when I fire up the computer is not a problem.  Its the subsequent start ups when I want to check mail on a regular basis during the rest of the day.  Click on the icon in the task bar of Win 10 at the bottom of the screen and Em takes forever to load. At its worst I have to Ctrl Alt Del, go into Task Manager, stop Em as a process and then try to load it.  Works but time consuming and annoying.

that’s the issue that I gave up on. I use the free version because of this issue. I cant recommend the app to my family and friends because of this. I originally suggested a status window as the app starts up like outlook does. the problem is you don’t know what the app is doing and people keep clicking on the app in the task bar.