Slow shut down

Since the last update, when I close eM Client there is a pause of what seems like many seconds before the program actually closes. This never used to be a problem because I’d click the “X” and the program would immediately close.  Not any more! Any suggestions??? I have verson 7.1.33101.0

Yes - it takes a few seconds. I suppose that the database is closing during this time. I suppose this because in case of sudden shutdown without this “closing moment”  the “database check” runs on next start.

→ The handling of the database should be reorganized to be open only if necessary, eg sync or send mail or save draft.

I think you are right NoSi. Since the fix for incorrect shutdown, there is a slight delay when closing using the X.

Wyman, the application will close immediately if you use Menu > File > Exit, but the extra clicks may end up taking the same time.

In both cases it takes exactly the same time for closing. The only difference is that menu → file → exit closes the window first saving the database then while “X” or “Exit” saves the database before closing.

I don’t see that NoSi. Monitoring with Task Manager, closing eM Client with the X still takes almost a second before the task is closed. Using Menu > File > Exit, the task is closed immediately. But this may be different depending on hardware and Windows configuration. 

You may want to read this post.  I too have the same complaint and hope the closing time is made to be like it was before:

Yes I too have the delayed shutdown problem on 3 computers using the X button top right since version 7.1.33101.0 and no delay via the File / Exit so is a bug in this update. Hopefully a fix is otw soon.

Noticed the same thing since the last update. It’s bit annoying that closing the program is so seemingly unresponsive all of a sudden. Presumably it will be sorted out at the next update.

It isn’t a delay of a second or 2…try up to 10 seconds with the last few seconds expanding over my task bar and freezing the screen till it closes.  I’m not going to go to the menu to close it.

I don’t find such long delays. Maybe a second at most. 

I wonder if the application is not busy with a sync, that is why you experience this. Some other things that slow down the database could also be the cause. Try disabling conversations, and see if that has any effect. Maybe the database is stored on a slow RPM HDD. 

How much free space do you have on C: drive? If you moved your Windows temp folder to a different location, how much free space is on that disk?

As of today since all my Windows 10 pc’s just got (new Windows updates over night) EMClient V7.1.31658.0 now has (No delay) when closing via the X button whereas previously i did. Even when EMClient is synchronizing pressing the X button is instantaneous. So whatever updated in the latest Windows 10 patches fixed it. Weird. I appear to have Win 10 V1803 Build 17134.228 .  So Try forcing the Windows 10 updates to d/l anything new. Maybe that will fix yours too.

I am on the same Windows build, but the less than second close delay has not changed since I first updated to 1803. That was before eM Client 7.1.32792.

Maybe you mentioned this somewhere else Cyberzork, but why aren’t you using the latest eM Client?

When i click the update in EMClient, it says there are (no updates) ? Shouldn’t it automatically update itself. Maybe that’s why mine is working as its an old version ?

Maybe you are correct and that is why it is working better. :slight_smile:

The update function does not recognize every update, but it should have done at least one since then. But it may also be that because you are using an internal version, the update feature is broken.

Yes maybe that’s why. I will back my version up and then d/l the latest version and see what happens.

Yes Gary the latest V7.1.33101.0 of EMClient after just installing it now has defaintely got a delay of around 6secs for me pressing x (when not syncronizing), whereas my version V7.1.31658.0 didn’t have the delay since the latest Win 10 updates. Anyway i will use the File / Exit option for now till this problem is fixed as I want the latest version of EMClient. 

My emClient (same version) takes up to 10 seconds (!!) for closing and up to 5 seconds for start. The time reduces if start/close is done a few times. Minimum is 2 sec for starting and 4 seconds for closing.

Sometimes db-check starts – opening mails is delayed up to 10 minutes. Stopping db-check is not a good idea, because this increases start/stop speed tremendously and searching for content leads to a very slow search regularly ending up with „not found“ even if there is something that matches.

Closing with menu entry (file → close) seem to close emClient faster. But if you shutdown your computer directly after closing, you can be shure, that starting next time triggers a db-check… .

These are old issues that were apparently fixed with recent versions. What version of eM Client are you using NoSi?

My last comment is regarding to version 7.1.33101.0. As far as I know is this the current one. In this case, I’d say, that these issues are still open.

The last days starting takes between 2 and 6 seconds, closing minimum 8 seconds, typical average ist 10-12 seconds. Delay is increasing.

(All this without any background jobs.)

Yes I too still get at least 6 secs delay closing via the X button with the latest build. This problem happened with the recent build. Needs fixing. Nothing to do with syncing or background tasks. Annoying problem. Many of my friends have same problem.