Slow Printing

Our office uses eM Client and we have to print thousands of emails a day.  The time it takes to generate a PDF is killing our productivity. Is there any way to speed up the process or force the program to just print the text email rather than generating a PDF document?  

We print countless blank pages by accidentally hitting print before the preview is finished loading.  There has to be a better way.  What are we missing?  Is there a setting or plugin to work around this issue?

I tried to search for a solution but didn’t see anything relevant. Please help!

The easiest way to print your email directly to a printer is to just select the printer in the print dialogue and click print.

Thanks Gary, you’ve missed my question completely.  The print option works, but it is glacially slow.  When I hit print it takes the dialog box 3-5 seconds to load, then another 3-5 seconds to generate the print preview required to print.  If I hit print before the preview loads I waste a sheet of paper on a blank PDF shell and have to start over. 

I guess I must have misunderstood what you asked. I read that you asked “how to just print the text email rather than generating a PDF document”.

But anyway . . . I personally don’t have this glacial slowness you describe. From the moment I click Print, it is less than a second to get the print dialogue including the preview up on the screen. I also don’t get blank pages. Might it be a problem with your printer drivers, or even the printer itself?

But you also brought up the issue of PDFs again. Can you explain a little more what you mean when you hit Print you get a blank PDF shell? If you have selected a physical printer and hit Print, there should not be any PDF created.

When I hit print it loads the print box. The preview that gets loaded with it is a PDF and that’s what the system actually prints.  Maybe yours doesn’t do this.  If you hit print too quickly and don’t let the preview load, then it prints a nearly blank page. 

The same issue occurs across all of our computers and printers in an office of about 50.  It’s not an isolated issue.  I was hoping there would be a way to print the email text without loading the PDF preview.  That might speed it up. 

Yes, the process is Menu > File > Print, (or Ctrl + P) then you get the screen as I have pasted above. Select a physical printer and click Print. That will send the email to a physical printer and not create a PDF.

Gary, I appreciate your quick response.  I’m not talking about saving as a PDF.  I’m talking about the preview that loads (the email content in the picture pasted above).  That preview is a PDF generated by the email program, even if it isn’t “saved” or used in any way other than printing.  There is no option to send plain text to the printer available.  Every email is converted to PDF behind the scenes before going to the printer. 

I don’t think we understand each other, unfortunately.  Thank you for your efforts.  Hopefully someone with a more technical understanding of the software can chime in and help.  

As you have a Pro License, it might be better for you to make use of your VIP Support option. You will certainly get a more qualified and technical response than on this user forum.

Thanks, I didn’t know that was available. 

I use the Print option quite often, but always for the “Save as PDF” option, so I am fully aware of the lag required to distil (as Adobe calls it) a PDF. The speed of the process seems to be linked to the about of the content in the email to be downloaded for the distillation process, emails without external content are quick, but I have regular emails with content from up to a dozen domains which does take a while.

There is an option on the Print Dialogue box, “Print using System Dialog” (down at the bottom, a blue underlined link) which I have never tried yet, but maybe that switches out eM Client’s print for the Windows standard, which may avoid the distillation process.
I haven’t tried it, as a want the distillation process, but it may be an option to consider. 

In my experience, eM Client is slower than other email clients in retrieving linked content. Maybe if this could be improved, the distil would not be such an issue.

Did you ever figure out this problem. Our work computers have the same issue. We print thousands of paper daily. I just want to remove the print preview as it takes a very long time to load. If I hit print too fast. I print a blank paper. Can we remove print preview all together?

I don’t think it is the preview process that is slowing things down; it is most likely the process of conversion of email to a pdf document that is the slow part, and that process is being slowed by the loading of external content like pictures within the email body.

I tried “Print using System Dialog” for the first time yesterday. I needed it because eM Clients print dialogue did not let me specify the option of Duplex printing.