Slow opening attachments

It takes several minutes to open simple short video attachments. This is not acceptable. How can I fix this?

The easiest solution is to have eM Client download attachments when mail is received.  By default, the client only downloads the header information and downloads the email contents when the message is selected.  The same goes for attachments, as by default it only downloads attachments when selected (and to save space requires the attachment to download each time it is selected).

Go to menu/tools/accounts and on the IMAP tab (I assume IMAP), check the following boxes:

1.  Download messages for offline use and
2.  Include images and attachments.

I personally do not download attachments automatically, but find even the largest attachments download in a few seconds.  The reason behind the slow speed of you downloads could be internet speed or an AV program that scans the attachment as it downloads.

I have the same problem and have had it from day 1 when I started using em client. I have reasonably fast broadband so the internet link is not the problem. 
What surprises me is I see conversations which are dated 5 years ago that talk about the same issue. Wake up emclient developers!

In the meantime I will try Jay Ograms work around.

Hi Jay. I have done all that you have suggested and the Download messages is checked and it still takes 20-30 seconds to download a small MP4 file, any other suggestions?

That’s not a fault that its taking 20-30 secs to d/l a small .mp4 file when you have a normal IMAP setup that just reads headers and d/l’s content. Sometimes even large resolution pictures can take that long.