Slow Loading Messages with Gmail (New Setup)

I just setup a clean install of eM Client with gmail. I have thousands of emails in gmail and about 1000 in the inbox. Whenever I click on an email in the inbox it takes ~10 seconds to load the body. Is it slow simply because I just setup the connection and it is still downloading headers from gmail or is there another problem?

It has been another hour and still having the issue, although it takes about 30 seconds on average even for simple messages- totally unacceptable for daily use. Any ideas?

I think it was the initial setup it appears to be working correctly now! With large inboxes make sure you give it enough time to do the initial download of headers, etc/


Yes, on initial setup it it often slow because eM Client downloads too much data from servers.
When initial synchronization ends then it becomes faster because eM Client does not need to wait for server response


Slow does not begin to describe initial setup.  I have two Gmail accounts, home and work, both with thousands of emails.  When I first set up emClient, I left it running for 4 *days* and it was still synchronizing when I shut it down.

On a positive note (and the reason I’m trying emClient), emClient does a *much* better job with synchronizing Google calendars and contacts.  Thunderbird hasn’t been updated in years in those areas.

So some pluses and some minuses.