Slow download of attachments with IMAP


Have installed em client for the first time (v 4.0.15145.0).
I am using it to connect to a IMAP server over a gigabit connection on my LAN.

The software itself is great however its very slow at downloading attachments or big messages.

If i have say a 5mb attachment on an email, it can take a minute or 2 to download it! - this should be instant when dealing with an IMAP server on a gigabit lan.

Message headers fill up the boxes quickly…there are delays when clicking a message from not noticeable to 10 seconds plus for big messages - and as i say any attachments take ages to come down with a progress bar slowly moving.

Other clients have no speed issues with my IMAP server

My setup:

-Windows 7 (latest service pack)
-Mailtraq IMAP server v 2.17

I have noticed same thing… considerably slower than Thunderbird used to be with same IMAP email accounts and same hardware. I tolerate it because I really like emClient, but it would be great if it could be improved in this area.

I have the same problem. I right-clicked on my Gmail folder, clicked properties, and checked “download messages for offline use” but a 10kb plain text email can still take 5-10 seconds of the round timer on the screen before it will open. Very frustrating.

send me the problematic mail saved in .eml format at Simply right click on it and choose Save as … Thank you.

There is still same problem with download speed of attachments. But any other mail client don’t have it. Looks like it goes through proxy, vpn or something
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