Slow boot-up

I like eM Client very much.  It is now my default email program on my Acer laptop running Windows 10.  I have its icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the Desktop.  My only issue with eM Client is that when I click on the icon to launch it it is very s-l-o-w to boot-up.  Is this normal for this program?  Is there a way to speed it up?

One factor that can influence startup is the hard disk on which the database is stored. On mechanical hard disks, especially the slower RPM versions found in some laptops, it can take a bit longer than if the database was on an SSD.

But also, sometime in the past year there were some changes made to the software that resulted in this few seconds delay when starting. Not much you can do about that except downgrading to a much earlier version. 

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.  I will check the speed of my laptop’s hard drive.  It’s an inexpensive machine so it is probably not too speedy.  Slow boot is not a big problem, just a minor inconvenience.  No matter how fast machines/programs get, they are never fast enough.

Hi Albert,
If you had looked, there already was a recent thread here

As for this : “No matter how fast machines/programs get, they are never fast enough.”
That’s a relative concept and depends on the user and purpose of the results and info.

Wait a  while til you get older - lol - and the speed will be more than you can handle…


I am already in my 86th year.  How long do I have to wait?

Hi Albert,

Good one  lol -
With all respect for your seniority - I’m only a bit younger -
but I don’t know - You will know when it happens…
In the mean time enjoy your fast  reflexes …

As for eMC - to improve loading and exit (unload) speed - don’t hold your breath…


The other option is to install a previous version where it opened almost instantly. Unfortunately I can’t remember which was the last version that did that.

Any 7.1.x version will work, though you probably don’t need to go that far back. However, they come with other issues like not closing down properly, so the time you save starting up you will lose next time because it needs to do a database check. ;-(

Peter & Gary:
Thank you for your helpful replies.
eM Client’s slow launch is not a big problem, just a minor annoyance with a good program.  If I wanted to I believe I could work around it by setting up EM to launch when I boot up my computer, then it would be ready to go when I want it.
I never leave my computer on when I am not using it.

Yes, you can set eM Client to launch when you boot.


Honestly I can’t say that I notice these issues, but then I almost never close eM Client. I just suspend the computer when not in use.