Slow attachment upload and download with Gmail account

I’ve just started using eM Client for the first time, with my Gmail account.

Generally very positive but both sending and receiving attachments takes ages compared to using web-based Gmail.

Is there a reason for this or anything I can do about it?

Many thanks.

Hi, do you have slow download and upload even with other email services? How fast internet connection do you have?


Not sure of the precise speed - standard broadband that is good enough to stream television without any problems

Just compared uploading a file that is about 6 MB.

It took 1 min 20 secs to upload via eM and 55 secs directly via gmail on the web.


Yes, I have noticed that emclient is much slower on the attachments. than I have found elsewhere.

Well to be honest this is 25 seconds time difference and that does not mean that eM Client is slow, it is faster on Webmail interface, but that will be like that in all cases.

Webmail interfaces has faster authentication simply by fact that they are run directly by providers.