Slow at opening an email

 I’m using the latest version 7.2.36396.0  When I click on an email to view with lots of text  it takes a very long time (out-of-ordinary-time) to actually see the body of the email.

7.2.36396 is an unreleased internal build and may have bugs. You should contact eM Client directly about any issues.

Or you can uninstall eM Client, then download the latest official release from the Release History and see if there is any difference.

Since 5/19/19 I’ve been using the latest version according to the release history - 7.2.35595.0 May 16, 2019

A few days ago I got a pop-up window from EM Client saying there was a newer version. I’ve never seen anything like this before, I always just went to the release history to see if there was a later version and then installed it. So is this a new system that will alert me of a new version and install it? Or was this some kind of malfunction?

I tried to revert to the 5/16/19 version and like you suggested I had to first uninstall and then reinstall and fortunately it appears that all my settings have been saved. So thanks for the info

So 7.2.36396 is “not official”… kind of strange that it is the version that was downloaded when I grabbed the latest version from the “official” web site using the  “Download for free” button on the emClient web site (home page).

Apparently that version was ready to be published, but it has been postponed.

Then why not pull it completely not leave it as the default version… not apparent to those having issues… 

Probably best to ask eM Client Inc.

I didn’t mean to lay my comments at your feet… It appears as if the support folks are all on vacation… 

I assume that you were likely blindsided by these 2 strange occurrences of this unreleased internal build being used for the “Download for free” and also for it coming up in a pop-up window for me asking me to update. Unless you say differently I’ll just assume it was just an error by someone at EM Client. Thanks for your excellent help in this forum.