Slow after new update

Updated to 7.1.30646.0 about a week ago and now my emails take ages to show the content, i.e. it just seems to hang. I have a 2 month old Dell so it’s not a PC issue. I have tried to download the previous version but it seems I am not allowed to do this. Please help has, generally, EM is fab, nut not now ! ???

I have the same issue on version 7.1.30686.0.  There is a 15 second delay between clicking new mail and the window opening.  CPU use is low and so is drive activity.  I do have a large email folder so I understand the slow loading initially but the previous version was so much faster in starting,loading emails, and loading a new blank email.  I don’t know how to peel off older emails but still make them searchable and retrievable.  The goal would be to reduce the file size.  I suspect that some of my issue may be the result of a large archive but this is a drastic change with this update.  In this case I don’t think size is everything.