Slider / Navbar

I need help with one issue that may or may not currently be able to be fixed. When checking email, I noticed the slider/navbar is extremely narrow. I know you can resize columns like from, subject, received, etc. but I cannot find a way to resize the slider column. Is there a way to make it larger than its current narrow size? Thank you.

If you use the Classic or System themes the slide bars are wider. You could probably edit whatever theme you are using, but it is a pain to do so and probably not worth the effort.

Perfect! Just what I needed. Thank you very much and Happy Holidays!

If you do want to edit the Theme, it is a single line that needs to be changed.

Gary, where is the line? How do I access it? Just curious in case I decide to try it. Thanks.

Gary  where is the line as I would also like to change it

If you scroll down to the  section, then change





Thank you.

Hi, Gary, iust started with emClient and i’m having the same issue…have a bit of knowledge re html, but none re coding per se.

If you have the time, would specific instructions be possible? if not, no worries!
thanks so much and hope all is well in your part of the world, joan i.