Sky Yahoo account authentication problems.

Sky Yahoo account authentication has started failing. Sky says this is because they no longer support out of date versions of em Client, but I am now using the latest free version.

If you are still having an issue, it may be worth changing the password for an app-generated one. More details here:

Please let me know if it works

Similar issues but we had to change our sky account password. for the same email id used on device including emclient. Whet to change the pwd on the sky account in emclient but no credentials username or pwd on any of the tabs general/IMAP/SMTP. So deleted account and recreated but emclient never offers option to enter username/new pwd credentials just keep getting ‘Yahoo’ box popup saying password change failed!. It like emclient has saved the old authentication somewhere ? So where does emclient store this and how can I flush out to enter the ‘correct’ new password.

That is because it is using oAuth, so no username and password. You need to revoke the eM Client access in your Yahoo! settings done through their web interface. Then restart eM Client.

Hi have a problem like this but cant find the page to revoke the emClient. Have Sky/Yahoo crippled the settings page that you would normally get for a yahoo account?

Update! Bahhhhh! found it! Its under recent activity page, bizare!

The Latest update to version 9.1.2109 (9967b93) seems to have resolved the problem.