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Sky email account not working. I had an email from Sky on 4 March stating sky/yahoo email would not support stating “To ensure a better and more consistent experience for all our customers, out-of-date versions of these email applications will no longer be supported by email from 18/03/2020.” It did not mention emClient but out of date versions of Apple Mail, Outlook or Windows Live Mail. Today I have not been reeiving emails but it seems I can send. Please can someone help with the current settings, I tried to change from details on Sky’s website but may have made things worse? 

I had this months ago with Sky and Thunderbird and is the reason I switched to eM. As you may be aware Sky’s mail is provided by Yahoo Mail which is owned by Oath. I was fortunate to get a password key from Sky which allows eM to work with Yahoo. Oath Yahoo are determined to force us all to use their mail programe without the safety checks provided by such as Thunderbird, eM Client or Incredimai along with those mentioned in their blacklist. This has nothing to do with security and is all to do with Yahoo and its partners spying on your system and ramming adds down your throat. They require you to give them and an endless list of their partners free and open access to your system. Now they do offer you an opt out from allowing these partners this access but when you try to exclude them you are repeatedly advised that this option is temporarily unavailable. I have raised this issue with Sky, Yahoo and Oath. Yahoo and Oath have totally ignored me, a sure sign of their guilt and Sky seem to be paying Yahoo to be bullied. If eM ends up being blocked by Yahoo Oath I will instantly cancel my account for all services TV, BB and Phone with Sky and move to another provider.


Thanks for letting me know this. Can anyone help give me the correct setting to work with a client or will I have to find another stand alone mail service if there are any that will work?

Contact Sky and see if they can give you a 16 digit key.


How do you enter the 16 digit key into the em client app ?

When you ask eM Client to check for mail from your Sky Yahoo account it will ask you for log in / access information. In my case I used my Sky email account as the username and the 16 digit key as the password. Be sure to keep that 16 digit key safe and handy, i kept it handy on my desktop as eM Client like all mail clients will often ask for it several times possibly over a couple of weeks until it and Sky mail lets say get to know one another. You will most likely be asked for it when you try to send mail, again possibly several times. Hope this helps.