"Simply download and install" is never true

Every time I grab the latest version of eM Client, is turns into a total nightmare. Exchange support breaks, licensing manager requires help from Support, and it’s a waste of my limited free time dealing with the mess.

As a customer, I cannot understand how there isn’t a better QA process in place. Upgrading really shouldn’t cause the frustration and mess that it does.

Today I received an email from eM Client suggesting to upgrade to 8.2 due to changes with Google Contacts, and a number other new features. Was it simple? Not a chance.

I downloaded, installed, and right away - my primary email account (Exchange) is broken. This shouldn’t happen. Now I have to go through the mess of trying to downgrade and who knows what else.

So angry and frustrated. And is this the first time this happened? Nope. Should have learned my lesson last time.

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heb ook naar 8.2 gedownload en krijg altijd als ik diagnose doe dit vak op scherm eM als ik dan wachtwoord ingeef gaat hij altijd terug naar dezelfde melding

Before upgrading to any new version, (backup first) via “Menu / Backup” so you can restore if needed.

Its also a good idea before upgrading to also (check your current version) of eM Client via “Menu / Help / About” incase you need to restore from the release history page.