Simple way to Import Contacts from Google

I am curious about a couple things, I just started using emclient and super happy, until I realized I had assumed that there was an android app. oops! please tell me there is a version in development, since emclient lets me put all my email address into one central inbox and to sort them into one central folder (please dont change this feature) as I do consulting for three different ventures and find this the best way to stay effienctly organized with email. An android app would be the best though.
Also having a bit of a time figuring how to import my contacts into emclient,. The majority of contacts are in google. The contacts are too many to enter manually, hoping there is a simple solution to keeping them organized and up to date.

As long you add the GMail account to eM Client that contains the contacts and then Enable the service for Google Contacts, all your contacts will show up in eM Client.

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Hi Scott,
unfortunately we do not have a mobile app in the works and currently don’t plan one in the near future. I’m glad to hear you like eM Client enough to want one - maybe one day.
As for the contacts, the automatic setup of gmail should connect to your Google contacts automatically. Do you experience any errors during synchronization?