Simple question - what is 'Local folder', what is it's purpose

New to EMClient, I have never seen ‘Local folder’ in Outlook, Outlook Express or Window Live Mail. What is the use of this, why do I have a separate inbox, sent, etc.
Where can I find a manual explaining the intended use of EMClient folders?
Any help is welcome.

Hello, messages saved in Local folders are only available in your database, e.g. are not synchronised with any of your email accounts. Local folders are often used for keeping drafts, or copies of important messages. You can also use local folders to archive messages from your server if the server has a mailbox size limitations and forces you to remove old messages.

If you’re using IMAP for synchronising your messages between eM Client and the server, this is most likely a better way how to keep your messages backed up and safe on the remote server as well.


Thank you. But what if you use only pop accounts, then there is no need for local folders, is there?

Hi Paul, trying to get my head around the exact location of my emails, please correct me if I am wrong.
I have always used pop accounts and organized my mail in sub-folders by means of rules. This way messages are stored on my PC and I can back these up to my NAS. At the same time these are archived on the Gmail server after being retrieved (Send-receive).
If I use IMAP I understand all my messages remain on the server (Gmail is a server, they call it ‘The cloud’) and not on my PC? I understand this way my email can be accessed by other PC’s.
Unless I move these to ‘Local folders’? So is ‘Local folder’ like a pop account folder?
How do I make sure, using IMAP, I can access my emails if Internet is not available?

Using my pop account, I can access my emails on line by going to GMail. So what is the advantage of using IMAP with EM Client and how would I make a backup of emails I have received and sent?

Can you recommend a tutorial of organizing, managing and archiving emails using new technology like the cloud?
Your or anybody’s help is much appreciated. Thanks, Gerard

If you’re using a POP account all your folders are local (all POP folders) as POP is not synchronising your data with the server and only downloads new unread mail from the server.

Hello, all data synchronised with eM Client will be saved into the eM Client’s database unless you remove it - database files are not directly accessible or readable, you can only use eM Client to access the data, unless you use the export feature. Please refer to our knowledgeable for more information about the difference between the POP and IMAP protocols:…