Simple IMAP for Gmail

I had got little problem with OAuth2 gmail sync and in the end tried to let go of this feature and configure a general simple IMAP for my gmail through “Other” option in “Account Configuration” window.

Everything was fine until I closed emClient at night. The next day, I realized every time the program restarts, the simple IMAP I configure (to my gmail) turns into a special Gmail account thus “OAuth Credential” enquiry window shows up.

Is there a solution to prevent program from automatically changing my account type ?

Hello NiMa,
if you’re having problem with google authentication, please first try installing this release >… < as it includes some fixes to the recent google authentication and synchronization changes.
The account type change seems very strange, please try the new release, and if it doesn’t help, send screenshots of the settings of your account in eM Client before & after the change to my work address [email protected] with a link to this forum thread.

Best regards,

Dear Olivia

Thank you for your reply. I had already installed that release.

For some reasons I’d rather spare the special Gmail-Account-Strategy and stick to the standard IMAP/SMTP. As you told me, I’m sending you pictures from my screen.

  1. This is my Accounts just after configuring an standard IMAP for my gmail account :

  1. Everything works just fine as you see:

  1. Now I close “emClient” and run the program again, Here comes Google-OAuth2 !

  1. Let’s take a look at accounts :

As you see standard simple IMAP account has automatically turned into a Gmail account which I have problem with OAuth2 and basically could not use.

Hi NiMa,
unfortunately, eM Client will apparently always try to define gmail accounts to fully utilize all its functions.
Please try and see if you can login to your gmail account in Internet Explorer and check if you have javascript enabled to successfuly authenticate.

Best regards,