Simple Archiving Question

If I enable archiving, will the archived emails retain folder (label) structure or do they all mingle together?


Yes, automatic archiving will retain the folder structure.

Thanks Gary. A followup question:

I looked at implementing the auto-archiving and see that archive settings per folder is limited to Inbox, Inbox and Subfolders, or All Mail Folders. Is there any thought to making the settings more granular so Inbox subfolders can have individual settings? The work around it to keep folders we don’t want archived outside of the inbox, but it reduces some flexibility.


One (hopefully) final question before I flip the switch… Once archived, how accessible is the archived folders? Can they be accessed like a local folders set and searched? Outlook archived into PST files that could be opened like any.

Thanks again

The Archive folder is available for searching and is visible just below your other folders so can be accessed immediately without having to load any file.


See example eM Client blog extract screenshot below from the blog video showing the Automatic Archive folder “below your accounts” as @Gary advised.


Thanks to both of you. I didn’t want to start the archiving until I knew what I was going to end up with.

I checked the documentation, but it didn’t describe what that blog does.