Silence/ignore one type of error?

For one of my accounts, I seem to often be getting an error “[Exchange Web Services] Prefetch failed” (it’s a Microsoft Exchange account). This is on the latest Mac client. As far as I can tell, everything with the account is working fine, and most of the time Refreshing the inbox has no issues. But I guess sometimes this error happens. It seems pretty benign - so I’m wondering, is there a way to ignore/silence this type of error, without the Red Triangles showing up? Every time this benign error happens, I see a big Red Triangle next to the Refresh button, and I have to open that and ignore the error manually. I’d rather just not be alerted about this type of error. Please let me know if you have any ideas or what might be possible. Thanks!

The Exchange Prefetch error is a server error, so you will need to ask your email provider for assistance with it. But it shouldn’t interfere with normal use of eM Client. All it means is that when eM Client asks the server for data for offline use, the server returns an error. The result is if you use eM Client while not connected to the Internet, you may not be able to see your messages. While you wait for your email provider to fix this, to prevent the error showing, you can disable offline caching in Menu > Accounts> Exchange tab for the account.

Right, but is there any configuration to tell eM Client to just never alert about a particular type of error? Since this error isn’t a big deal (and I don’t want to disable offline caching).

It is a big deal, that is why you see the popup. It means there is a serious server error. We would be remiss if we didn’t display it.

Please see my comment about how to avoid it until your email provider can fix the issue.