Signatures per recipient

With general correspondence I want to use my predefined signatures. My full signature for initial emails and abbreviated versions for replies/forwards. The existing functionality of eM works fine for this.

But for email lists I don’t want to have my full signature - I want something else (minimal). And for some administrative purposes (like internal email interface processing) I don’t want any signature by default. Other email clients (like Thunderbird) allow for per-recipient signatures. So as soon as I set my first recipient (this obviously is a problem for multi-recipient mails so the simplest method is to use the first defined recipient) my default signature is immediately switched to the recipient defined signature.

Yes, I can manually change to a different template or edit/delete the generated signature. But I’d like it done automatically. This should be defined in the Settings area - add a section for Recipients and allow for a list of targets and matching selectable signature templates.