"Signatures" dialog fills entire second monitor

“Signatures” dialog fills entire second monitor in last version (6.0.19714.0). I have a dual monitor setup (many people do today), when I press “Signatures” it opens in a huge window covering entire second monitor. It used to be just a normal size dialog before. It is extremely annoying.

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I’ve read in another thread related to this, that this big dialog might be related to the number of signatures.

How many signatures do you have?

I believe the engineers of eM Client are working on this.

I have many and I had just as many also before, this is no excuse. They should fix the dialog size and use some scrollbars. By the way, there are no scrollbars so to reach the bottom signatures you have to tab to the list and than use cursors to get to the bottom. Also, it is displayed on the wrong monitor so you have to quickly go from one monitor to the other, sometimes the dialog closes before you get there.

Not sure how they managed to mess up this dialog going from one release to the other.


Hi, we know about it and we are working on fix.


There have been 2 updates and it still has not been fixed. Surely this is a simple matter.

Every day I am goofing around with this signature dialog popping up on wrong monitor and than I try and move mouse fast to this other monitor while the dialog disappears if I’m not fast enough. It is extremely annoying.

If there is no fix soon I will make a video and post it to youtube, I bet it will be good promotion for you guys.

can you make a screenshot of the issue? Also what version of eM Client are you using?

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I prefer not to since the signature names could reveal my identity, it is not something I want to show to the whole world. But I described it above and John said you were working on it. I can email it to support team, if they contact me. Nothing much to see though, just a full-screen dialog for the signatures.


  • Signatures dialog displays full-screen and on wrong monitor, with no scroll bars
  • Since its on wrong monitor you can’t select desired signature with a mouse, it disappears while you move the pointer to second monitor.

please send the screenshot to [email protected] or make a clean signature without your credentials and post it here.
And by the way are you still using the version mentioned in the first post or have you updated your application since?

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Of course I have the latest version, I will email the signatures screenshot.

The version mentioned above is currently not the latest, can you update your application to this version (http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.200…) and let me know if it helped, if it doesn’t, please send the screenshot to provided email address.

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Same thing, no change.