How should I insert my signature into emails?  I have tried allsorts of things and I get either the file address, or a small black square with a white x in it.   I have also tried opening the sig and copying the image, but that doesn’t work either.

Hi Roy,

I’m just a ‘User’ of this terrific email program, and I noticed your question after I just now posted one as well about sig files. I’ll try to help you.

I just had a Win10 crash and had to format and install from scratch, so I have the current version, 7.0.2-something. You should update yours if it isn’t already done.

Now, I’ll go through the sig file process for you:

  1. go to ‘Menu/Tools/Settings’ in the program.
  2. choose ‘Mail/Templates and Signatures’.
  3. on the right panel, near the bottom, click the ‘Signatures’ button.
  4. now the ‘Signatures’ window is open. Here is where you start to make your sig files.
  5. click on the ‘+Add Signature’ area near the upper left. This opens the ‘New Signature’ window where you can type in or paste from somewhere else whatever you want to put in this sig file.
  6. Start by naming the sig file. Something short and descriptive.
  7. Then you can begin adding text, images, animated .gifs, etc. into the main body of the window. You can choose your fonts and styles, etc., etc., just like any other word processor.
  8. Notice the ‘More’ button on the right side of the icon bar, for more stuff you can add or do with it.
  9. When you are satisfied with your work, click the ‘OK’ button. You can always go back and change or repair each sig file you have.
  10. Now that sig file will appear in the ‘Signatures’ window, and you can edit it or delete it from here by clicking on the icons to the right of the sig file name.
  11. Click on ‘OK’, and you will now be back in the ‘Settings’ window, and your sig file will be in the ‘Select signature for account:’ window.
  12. You can now choose which of your sig files you want to use for your ‘New Mail’, ‘Replies’, and ‘Forwards’.
  13. Click ‘Apply’ to lock it in, and then you can hit ‘OK’ to get out of the ‘Settings’ window and test your ‘New’ email to make sure the sig file is what you want.
  14. You have to go back into the ‘Settings’ window to edit or add to it, so be patient. I have a whole list of sig files that I change as it suits me, and I try to have fun while making them.
  15. Here is one of my faves. Feel free to copy-and-paste it if you like it:

**- - -
Warmest Regards,

Bob ©¿©¬
     e-addy here **** ==========================================
Work with what you get and try to make it better.  ![]( “Image null”)

This stuff (©¿©¬) is kinda what I look like.  LOL …and there is an animated .gif of a cartoon guy banging his head against a brick wall to the right of the sig file. I’m sure you’ve seen that one.
Notice it’s in bold font, too.

I HOPE this reply answers what you were looking for.

Have a Happy New Year!

Hello Bob,
thank you for this wonderful explanation of how Signatures work and how to set them up, glad you are having fun with eM Client :slight_smile:


Hello Sir,

I would like to insert a picture for my signature. But, its only shown blank. How can i resolve that sir?

When you are editing the signature, does the image appear there?

3 days ago sir. It only shown like this. Please see rhe picture

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures. Edit the faulty signature, and delete the broken image and add it again.