Signature Problem

I have got a problem is that, I have set a signature, signature contains picture . While compose a new email the signature is fine,  that means  signature shows as like what I have set. But while I tried to reply any mail then the signature lost the alignment. This is very disturbing. Have any way to fix this up?

Please see below images of my signature. Number 1 is ok and I have set this. Number 2 is problematic,  thus showed while I have replied mail accordingly.


Hello Tanvir,

Did you create the signature in the signature editor or pasted it in as HTML?


I have exactly the same problem. My signature was created in eMclient.

Same problem. When I composing a new mail or reply to a single contact - it’s ok and shows up just as in the settings. But when there are two or more contacts to reply in one letter - pictures disappear and formatting is cleared. 
Signature created in eM client editor.
Please help

Any one found a solution to this yet?

My picture disappears while responding to emails.

I tried to reproduce this once before but was not successful.

What version of eM Client are you using?