Signature positioning: Option for "after quote" very much needed

I really need an option to forcing a signature to be BELOW the quote.

best regards

Can you do an example of what you mean ?

Foo Bar wrote on 15.1.2021:

quoted text
quoted text
quoted text

My Signature

You can already have a quote like that above the Signature with either Text or Image.

That may be clearer:

This ist how it should like. And the Cursor should be on top in body field, followed by an empty line.

The I can just start with “Dear Barfoo”, followed by intro. Followed by answer between blocks of quotes. -> Usenet style inline quoting

You can definately have that like you have below the cursor as a signature.

No no no no no… :slight_smile:

This is NOT what I want. In my example, the definition of an signature is only:

Best regards

When I reply to a mail, and the mail composer opens, the cursor should stay in first (empty) line
followed by a empty line,
followed by the “foo wrote on bla”-line,
followed by the quoted text of the mail I want to reply to,
followed by the signature block.

Your example is static (because it is part of the signature), but my need is dynamic, based on the replied mail and the choosen signature. This quoting style is what nealy all other mail clients are supporting.

The eM Client signature box is just merely a blank box to put whatever you want in there.

Sounds like you may need the other option in Mail settings “Create Custom Emails with eM Client Templates” You can customise this.

If creating a custom template / signature doesn’t help you either, I would change the topic / thread heading to be changed to a “Feature request” for Dynamic signatures.

Templates are static too.

My “problem” is quite easy to solve. The composer should just put the signature BELOW the quoted text. It ist so dead simple that every mail client I ever used (since 1995) were able to do that – with the exeption of Outlook of course. :slight_smile: MailMate, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox, Gincko, GyazMail, Messenger, Pluto, …