"Signature has problems" with "ASN1 bad tag value met"

I sometimes receive emails with “erroneous” signatures: “Signature has problems”. If I click on Signature the Signature Details dialogue pops up:

The error message “ASN1 Ungültiger Zeichenwert” should translate to “ASN1 bad tag value met” (found it in a Microsoft KB article).

I guess this message was thrown because eM Client doesn’t verify the content type properly. 

Content-Type: multipart/signed; micalg=PGP-SHA512; protocol=“application/pgp-signature”; …

Since it doesn’t understand the protocol “application/pgp-signature” it shouldn’t even attempt to verify the signature.


Hi, first of all PGP is not supported in eM Client as I mentioned to you under another topics.
But the issue might be connected to something else as well, can you send us a signed message exported to .eml file to mcgregor@emclient.com?

Thank you,

I apologise, please let me rephrase: eM Client should only attempt to verify signatures it is able to understand. I suppose that would be any message agreeing to protocol application/x-pkcs7-signature. Any other signature protocol should be ignored.

I’ll send you an example right away.

Thank you for the received .eml file, I’ve submitted the issue to the developers, I’ll keep you posted once I have more information or a possible solution for this issue.

Thank you for your input on this,