signature has a problem

I get errors on my own mails with my signature
I see the Mark with " Signatur hat Probleme" (signature has problems) and the details are:
" Der Hashwert der Nachricht unterscheidet sich zum Wert der Signatur" (hash value differs to signature value)

What is this? Its a valid sig created today with the latest 7 Pro version.

Did you create the PGP key in eM Client, or did you import it?

I created it in eM client.
T seems to work if i send a mail the first time. On reply i see the error in the sent mail.
I created two signatures for two accounts, both have this problem

sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Because you are seeing it in your replies, it looks like eM Client is having a problem encrypting the hash data a second time.

As you have a Pro License, it would be better for you to open a ticket for this. It is something the developers would need to answer as I am just guessing. You can do that at

Thanks, i’ll try that!