signature formatting problem

Hello,I’m trying to create a signature that I want to be formated in a certain way, I want to add my email then few spacing then linked in icon with the text “linked” before it but the pic always is at the top or bottom vertical alignment to the word “linked” I can’t make it center to the word, and also I want to add a vertical line between the email and the linked in icon but I can’t seem to figure out how to format it that way, also I want to change the color of the lines, please tell me how to do that, thanks.

Hello. Then go to settings then Mail and open signatures add and you have all the tools necessary to configure your signature! Cordialements.

That’s actually what I’m doing, the signature creator in the tools menu is not allowing me to do this formatting

Hi Yostina,
you either need to continue playing around with the elements of your signature, maybe trying to putting in a border-less table and add the words and pictures into it as you need.
Or if you know how to format your signature in HTML you can right click inside the window and Insert HTML or similar formats.

Best regards,

That’s what I have been trying, there are no options for creating a borderless table and there are no options for positioning the picture right and there are no options for creating a vertical line. I have it perfectly formatted in word but when I copy and paste, it adds a table on it’s own even though I haven’t used any tables in the word document, this is really frustrating.

The best way is to create a new signature using a full-featured HTML editor like Dreamweaver or a free online one like and then use the right click feature that Olivia mentioned in the emClient to paste the HTML code into the signature window. After you save that, you can do minor adjustments without having to edit the HTML code again- but you can always do that again if you need to.